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DigiPol, Automatic Polarimeters :
have long been used for some of the most demanding Optical Rotation measurements in Pharmaceutical & Chemical testing, Quality Control, Starch & Sugar estimation in Foods & Beverages determination of Sugar content Characterization of New chiral compounds in Chemical Research.

DigiPol-781 Systems can be equipped for
almost any requirement with its wide choice of Light Sources and Optics. Automatic Wavelength Change guarantees smooth and efficient changeover from the normal 589 nm through 577, 546, 436, 405, 365 to 325 nm.

The DigiPol-DP781 Polarimeter meets the challenge of increased accuracy, convenience and compliance in today's regulatory environment. Programmable by a few keystrokes, for measurement and calculation all the pertinent information is displayed.

  • Alphanumeric Identification needed for cGLP
  • Automatic Averaging & Statistics
  • Automatic Calculation of Specific Rotation / Concentration
  • Correction for Moisture & Temperature
  • Automatic Calibration, Upper/Lower Limit setting & Out of Ltd flags for Q.C., etc.
  • Storage of up to 10 pre-programmed methods
  • Printer (non fading ink), PC Interface
  • Temperature measurement and correction
All DigiPol Polarimeters are modular systems and can be configured to meet a wide range of application requirements


Source (s)
Installed Filter(S)
wavelength, nm
Standard Configurations with single source and filter. Operation at other wavelengths by interchangeable filters and light sources


589 nm
Sodium 'D' line
450 - 650 nm
Glan Thompson Polarizer
Manual Filter
DP781-SDV Arc Lamp
Standard Configurations with multiple sources and / or filters. Automatic Selection of up to eight wavelengths


MUV Lamp
589, 546, 436, 405, 365 & 325
325-650nm UV/VIS
Glan Taylor Polarizer
DigiPol-DP781 Automatic Polarimeters are designed on a modular basis and can be produced in any combination of wavelengths to meet each individual customer application
Specifications of the DigiPol-DP781 Range, common to all configurations:
  Principle : Built-in Microprocessor Controlled Optical Null Seeking
  Optical Density &
Sample Transmission
: Can measure Samples with Optical Density of 3,
corresponding to Sample Transmission of 0.1 %
  Rotation Range, &. Units : ± 90° Arc, + 230° S (ISS) or , ± 230° Z (ISS), Selectable
  Accuracy : +0.001°for the entire range
  Readout Resolution : 5,6 or 7 Digits with sign: 0.01°/ 0.001°/ 0.0005°, Keypad selectable
  Sample Cell Length : Up to 220 mm max. for the highest possible accuracy in measurement
  Sample Cell Compatibility : DigiPol is compatible with a wide range of cells with the industry standard of 30 mm dia., and also the larger 48 mm dia., provided by other manufacturers.
  Display : 4 line x 20 character LCD, Please see below for displayed parameters
  Measurement programs : Up to ten programs can be stored (please see below) and retrieved by a keystroke later
  Printer, Built in : Dot Matrix, Permanent ink, 24 characters per line
  PC Interface, Built in : RS232, baud rate 9600/ 19200, 9 pin Female D sub connector
  Timed Measurements : Interval: 0.2 to 60 min. selectable, Duration: 1 to 6,000 minutes selectable
  Operating Controls : Power On/Off, and 6 x 4 keypad for all operations
  Zero Setting : Auto zero on power on, Blank cell can be zeroed any time
  Lamp Power Supply : Built in for Tungsten Lamp units, External plug in supply for Arc Lamp sources
  Power Requirement : 110V/60 Hz, 4 Amp or 220V/50 Hz, 2 Amp
  Dimensions &. Weight : 25"(W) x 12"(D) x 10"(H), 635 (W) x 300 (D) x 250 (H) mm, 45 lb. / 22 kg
Display, Printout and Program features, common to all the configurations :
DigiPol-DP781 can be programmed for measurement/ calculation & display/ print out/ transmittal to PC of any or all of the various parameters below.. Up to ten such sets of parameters appropriate for various tests can be stored as Programs (with alphanumeric names) and retrieved later instantly.
  I. D., Alphanumeric : Company/ Lab., Eqpmt. Model No., Serial No. & Sample ID
  Record keeping : Date & Time
  Measurement Conditions : Cell length, Wavelength, Temperature (Optional) of Cell & Sample Compartment
  Measurement Display : Observed Rotation
  Calculation : Specific Rotation / Concentration
  Corrections : for Moisture and Temperature
  Minimum Readable angle : 0.01/0.001°/ 0.0005°, selectable from key pad
  Automatic Averaging : Up to twenty measurements, with display of measurements & average,
  Statistics : CVP or STD, Min./ Max. values measured - available when averaging is selected
  Q. C. Information : Upper & Lower Limits setup, Out of limit flags
  Print Mode : Automatic, or on Key Command
  Diagnostics (Display only) : PMT high voltage, Photometer signal range, Signal intensity and Motor step size
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